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Our modular bar with Chevron style fronts is now available to hire.  The bar can be arranged in various layouts including straight, L shaped, U shaped and full island / central bar. Sizes range from 1m to 14m in length.  


The bars are made from a lightweight aluminium frame which can be folded flat whilst in transit. The preparation and serving counter tops are also made from aluminium and are finished with a powder coating. Each section interlocks and has adjustable legs to ensure the bar remains solid on most types of floor surfaces.

Optional extras include draught beer taps and integrated drip trays, LED down lighting and curtains to hide back of house equipment and stock.

Modular Bar - Chevron

  • Straight sections: 

    • Height: 123.5cm
    • Width: 100cm
    • Depth: 70cm
    • Weight: 20kgs


    Curved corner sections:

    • Height: 123.5cm
    • Width: 75cm
    • Depth: 75cm
    • Weight: 20kgs
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